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Tompkins Robotics and Honeywell Join Forces to Drive Innovation in Supply Chain Automation


Industrial setting where several autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are operating.

Tompkins Robotics is proud to announce its expanded partnership with Honeywell, a pioneer in warehouse automation systems. As supply chain demands continually evolve, we aim to offer revolutionary speed, flexibility, and reliability to distribution and fulfillment centers. 

Our collaboration with Honeywell will introduce an array of flexible and scalable solutions that combine our array of robotic solutions – including the award-winning tSort – with sophisticated analytics powered by Honeywell’s Momentum Warehouse Execution Software. Together, we believe businesses will be able to maximize operational efficiency across various industries, including third-party logistics (3PL), e-commerce, retail, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. 

With Honeywell’s renowned software prowess and cybersecurity expertise complementing our own cutting-edge autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology, we are set to redefine the landscape of warehouse automation.  

"At Tompkins Robotics, our mission is to deliver innovative robotic solutions to solve the most challenging supply chain problems," stated Mike Futch, president and chief executive officer. "And we know we can’t do it alone – we need great partners like Honeywell to help complement what we deliver to customers.  Together, customers will gain a broad array of solutions to help them run their businesses optimally.” 

For more information, please visit Honeywell’s website to learn more about the full potential of their advanced automation solutions and read more about our partnership announcement.  And to learn more about Tompkins Robotics’ state-of-the-art technology, please explore our website