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Introducing Transcend Robotics Execution Platform

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We’re thrilled to introduce the Transcend Robotics Execution Platform, an expanded suite of software applications powering robotics automation solutions. By its very definition- going beyond the range or limits- Transcend represents a leap forward in the capability of warehouse management systems. Formerly known as tWES, this reimagined software suite from Tompkins Robotics is more than just a rebrand, it’s a strategic evolution designed to empower businesses to transcend the constraints of traditional warehouse operations.  

At Tompkins Robotics, we understand that robots are only as efficient as the software powering them. Not only can customers rely on the reliability of our sortation and pick assist robotic solutions, but they can also rest assured that the software powering these solutions is intuitive, reliable and powerful.  

Transcend Robotics Execution Platform signifies a milestone for Tompkins Robotics. Our years of experience integrating with some of the largest brands in supply chain logistics propel us from an industry start-up to an established player, and our software is at the root of this success.  

As the Chief Technology Officer at Tompkins Robotics, I am thrilled about the launch of Transcend. This represents a leap forward in the evolution of our warehouse automation software platform. By combining our extensive experience from our installed base with industry-leading technology, we’ve created an adaptable solution to meet demanding throughput requirements and complex workflows at scale. Transcend can easily expand or be modified to align with ever-changing business cycles. It takes Tompkins Robotics to new levels of performance, flexibility and reliability, delivering unmatched value to our customers.

With the Transcend Robotics Execution Software, businesses can enhance efficiency and seamlessly integrate with their existing systems. The combination of Transcend Orchestrate, Transcend Connect, and Transcend Mobile offers one of the industry's most functional and stable systems, supporting critical pharmaceutical sortation solutions, high-demand e-commerce operations and parcel and store replenishment systems. 

So, what can you expect from Transcend? Faster implementation of robotics sortation, decreased time to value and minimized risk associated with integration. Transcend Robotics Execution Platform equips businesses with the tools they need to transcend the limitations of traditional warehouse operations and embrace a future of unprecedented efficiency and scalability. 

Ready to improve your warehouse operations? Visit tompkinsrobotics.com/transcend to learn more about Transcend Robotics Execution Platform and join us on the journey to redefine the future of logistics.  

Join us on the journey to redefine the future of logistics!

-Bill Pelzar

Chief Technology Officer