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Introducing PickPallet - The New Autonomous Pallet Jack

New Release - PickPallet autonomous pallet jacks by Tompkins Robotics, designed for optimized warehouse automation, displayed in a sleek industrial setting

Get ready for some exciting news! I’m thrilled to share our newest addition to Tompkins Robotics pick assist solutions- the PickPallet! In my role of VP of PickPal Solutions, I have great enthusiasm for introducing this new autonomous pallet jack to the market. 


PickPallet, a Dependable, More Efficient Warehouse Helper PickPallet in warehouse

It perfectly aligns with the Tompkins Robotics mission to provide scalable robotic solutions to distribution and fulfillment centers.  

Envision this: a nimble robot designed to expertly navigate warehouse aisles and meet the evolving needs of modern warehouses. Its software integrates seamlessly with our existing pick assist line of PickPal AMRs and doesn’t require interruption to your existing software stack. 


Accessibility and Scalability for All 

I’m personally passionate about the accessibility that comes with PickPallet. Whether you’re a large-scale operation or a smaller facility, the investment in PickPallet is scalable, promising a swift return on investment and a pathway to sustainable growth.  

It’s like adding a dependable teammate to your roster- one who never gets tired, won’t call out sick, and effortlessly syncs with your existing operations to propel your warehouse into the future.  


The Basics Specs: 

This versatile autonomous pallet jack can handle multiple pallet types including both closed and open loops and fits standard US, European and Australia pallet sizes. It offers a lifting height of 4 inches and a maximum load capacity of 1500kg/3300lbs. It has an impressive run time of 6 hours and a quick charge time of just 30 minutes to charge from 30%- 80%.  


Benefits You Can’t Afford to Miss: 

  • Space Optimization: PickPallet can maneuver in tight spaces more efficiently than traditional forklifts or manual pallet jacks, maximizing every square inch of the warehouse.  
  • Precision & Consistency: Pallets are moved accurately and safely, eliminating the days of misplaced or damaged goods.  
  • Improved Warehouse Safety: PickPallet utilizes advanced navigation to streamline paths throughout the warehouse while avoiding obstacles or collisions. 

Curious to see PickPallet in action? 

Join us at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, March 11th-14th, for an exclusive first glance. Can’t make it to MODEX? No worries! Schedule a time to connect 1:1 and explore how PickPallet can elevate the efficiency of your warehouse operations.  

To view the official press release visit here.

Here’s to a future where robots work alongside, promoting safety, optimizing productivity, and making our businesses more successful than ever before! 

Cheers to PickPallet and the future of automation! 

- Tony Villanova
VP, PickPal Solutions